Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

This Easter felt a little different than Easter usually does for me. The last 4 years I had spent Easter with the Metz Family; so it was strange to spend it with James' family this year. I suppose I should get used to it though. I need to get out of routine anyway; change happens, I just need to embrace it.

Although Easter felt strange in some ways because of how it was spent, the meaning of it is just as powerful as ever. I'm so blessed to know of the importance of the atonement and the opporutnity I have to apply it in my life. Sometimes it still amazes me that Christ withstood all of life's hardships and took on the sins of the world just so that we can return to our Father in Heaven. That is what love really is.

To celebrate the holiday season, James and I went to church of course and listened to some amazing lessons centered on Christ and the atonement.

We also decorated Easter eggs and spent the evening having Easter dinner with his family. It was an enjoyable and memorable Easter.

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