Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

This Easter felt a little different than Easter usually does for me. The last 4 years I had spent Easter with the Metz Family; so it was strange to spend it with James' family this year. I suppose I should get used to it though. I need to get out of routine anyway; change happens, I just need to embrace it.

Although Easter felt strange in some ways because of how it was spent, the meaning of it is just as powerful as ever. I'm so blessed to know of the importance of the atonement and the opporutnity I have to apply it in my life. Sometimes it still amazes me that Christ withstood all of life's hardships and took on the sins of the world just so that we can return to our Father in Heaven. That is what love really is.

To celebrate the holiday season, James and I went to church of course and listened to some amazing lessons centered on Christ and the atonement.

We also decorated Easter eggs and spent the evening having Easter dinner with his family. It was an enjoyable and memorable Easter.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

70 Days....Ready, Set, GO!

So I was looking at where we are in preparing for the wedding. As of today we have 70 more days until we are sealed for time and all eternity. It couldn't come any slower!
I'm really not one who cares too much about planning for this wedding, I kind of want to just get it over with. However, there is a part of me that does want to make it special all day long when it does come. Luckily I have some wonderful people in my life that will help make that happen without me stressing out.

While I wait, I decided I really need to get in shape. After all, I want to be able to fit into my dress! Besides, I've taken pretty much a month long break from working out. It's starting to get beautiful out, might as well take advantage of the weather and get in shape. Next Monday will be my day to start a work-out routine full-fledged. Hopefully I'll stay motivated and will make the time go by faster.

Also, just an update, I will start a new job on May 2nd. I finally got a social work position in an Alzheimer's unit in Colorado Springs. I can actually afford to pay my bills, utilize my degree and actually feel accomplished at the end of my day. I'm very excited and I'm so blessed to have been given this opportunity.

70 days left until I get married; so I'm getting ready with my work-out routine, I'm set with my new job and I'm excited to GO! :-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Updates

So I got my dress finally! So that's another big thing off the list. I'm so excited for it. I also got the opportunity to go shopping with Joanne (future Mother in law) to look at cakes and flowers. So the planning is coming along. We've also moved our wedding date to June to allow us more time to plan, and allow for other family members to come out.

As far as my job is going....
So I got promoted to the position of Community Liaison at El Paso County Child Support. I'm so excited for it. It's a lateral move, so I don't get more pay, but it's a position that will take me places and that will actually let me exercise my social work degree. Unfortunately, the company I'm working for doesn't have everything together, so I'm still not in the official position yet. I'm still a full time case manager, on top of part time community liaison. It's a lot of work. I'm hoping I will be rewarded in the end though. The rumor is I'll get to be in my actual new position in June. We'll see.

I'm also working on being successful as an Herbalife Independent Distributor. I'm a Personal Wellness Coach and want to help individuals achieve their weight-loss or fitness goals. I've become quite knowledgeable and interested in health and wellness, and I decided that becoming a Personal Wellness Coach through Herbalife was a perfect opportunity. Currently I'm hosting a weight loss challenge at work. I also held one last winter at work as well that was quite successful. I'm really enjoying this as side work. I'd like to expand and do more weight-loss challenges, so I'm working on that. Right now I have a blog up about health and nutrition where I can educate, inform and provide tips and tricks for individuals who are trying to achieve their fitness goals. You can check it out HERE. All of my posts are well researched and things I have personal experience with.

After being out of college for about 10 months, life is still not what I expected. It's really hard and frustrating. But I'm trying to keep my chin up, my thoughts positive and live life as best as I can.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wedding Planning?!?!?!?!?

So it's like less than 3 months until I get married and I really haven't done much planning.
The thing is....I have no idea how to plan a wedding! I'm not sure where to start and what to do. The things that I have planned are the following:

Colors: Pink and Lime Green
Where: Denver Temple
When: April 30th

Yup...that's about it......'s important to remember that all of this is being paid by ME. So, cheap is what I can do. Ha ha ha.
I think I may have the dress I's down to two at this point:

The first one is by Jessica McClintock.....I love it. I'll have a little organza jacket over it. It's sooo pretty.

The second one I found on wholesale, it's pretty as well and I wouldn't have to worry about the jacket.

The first dress I absolutely LOVED on me! However, it is $400....kind of a lot more than I wanted to spend on my dress.
The second dress is very pretty and only like $120 wholesale, however I have not tried it on and can only order it online for that price.

Decisions, decisions....

I want this day to be special (as I'm sure it will be in the Temple) but I also want to share it with everyone too..... I want it to be nice.
Any ideas on what wedding dress to choose or how to plan a simple, but nice reception please let me know! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year Too!

Christmas 2010 was the best Christmas ever! Christmas is probably my favorite holiday of the year, and usually I have a Christmas party the weekend before Thanksgiving where everyone comes over to my house and decorates for Christmas. It's my "Christmas before Thanksgiving party". Unfortunately I did not get to host it this year. Although that made me quite sad, it did not stop me from decorating for Christmas.

James and I put up our tree and lit it up with sparkling multi-function lights. We decorated our tree with my beautiful blue bulbs and ribbon, and added a touch of our own personal decorations as well. James loved the tree because he thought it looked like a "Cowboys" tree, his favorite football team. So although I was unable to have a party, I still enjoyed putting up all my decorations and adding some new additions to my collection as well.

Christmas came and we had James' sister Courtney and her 2 boys come out and stay with us. It was a pretty crazy house but a lot of fun. We had fun making cookies, looking at lights and playing with the boys.

Christmas eve now holds a special place in my heart since that is when James proposed to me....
We were home alone, enjoying the lights of the tree on the couch. James got down on his knee and asked me to Marry him...of course I said yes. He proposed with such a beautiful ring, but I was just happy that marrying him would be a reality.

Christmas Day was so joyful for everyone. The boys woke up early of course to see what Santa had brought them. They had a lot of fun ripping off the wrapping paper to behold their toys they had wanted. I enjoyed listening to them while getting up and ready upstairs. Their excitement in their voices was quite entertaining.

James and I exchanged stockings and gifts and I received amazing gifts from him. Later we joined the rest of James' family for more gifts. There was so much love and joy in the air that I felt swelled with happiness. This was going to be my future family and I was excited.

So, with getting engaged, you can imagine how wonderful it was to start off the new year of 2011 with my fiance and future husband. I'm so excited for what 2011 has to offer.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bring Back My Bonnie To Me

So a terrible tragedy has struck among us.....Bonnie, my dear old 1998 Dodge Neon has passed on. She was totaled in a car pile up accident on 11/16/10, may she rest in piece.
I'm so sad to have lost her, she was my first car, but I suppose life has a beginning and an end and it was Bonnie's end.

The Event:
I was driving to work on that Tuesday morning and I was coming to the intersection on Platte ave and Union when the SUV in front of me stopped suddenly, which caused me to slam on my brakes. I didn't have anti-lock brakes so I skidded to a stop, luckily I stopped just in time to NOT hit the SUV in front of me. I was about 1 foot away from them. However, the SUV behind me did not stop in time and reared into me causing me to push into the SUV in front of me. As a result.....Bonnie got the brunt of the damage.

Although Bonnie has passed on, I got to go shopping for a new Vehicle! Here she is! A 2007
Toyota Camry, my new pride and joy. She's a complete upgrade from Bonnie.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trip to L.A.

So I realize that I've been absolutely terrible in updating my blog, I guess I've just been so busy...or lazy...depends. There is a lot that has been going on such as me moving down to Colorado Springs for my new job as a case manager for child support. I also got myself into a relationship, ha ha.

The most recent event that's happened though is my trip to L.A. I bouth tickets a few months ago to go to Herbalife Extravaganza 2010 in L.A. with Mallory. It's a big training/convention that Herbalife puts on for all it's distributors. This year it was in L.A. where the company headquarters are. I booked our flights and Mal booked our Motel a few days before our trip. The flight wasn't bad, however I HATE flying.

When we got to L.A. we decided to hit up the beach because we wouldn't be able to check into our motel for a few hours. L.A. City bus transportation was our means of locomotion, so we found our routes and headed to the beach. The beach was beautiful, however, our stomachs were growling so we hit up a restaurant to get some food in our tummies. We came across a nifty looking place that was currently serving breakfast. It was called Scotty's. It was delicious, so good that Mal and I have decided that every time we come to California we're going to hit up Scotty's.

After breakfast it was time to check out the beautiful California beach. We walked up on the pier and gazed at the beauty. Mal loves how the ocean is endless, it just goes on forever. Mal is actually from California and really enjoyed being home. I could tell she missed the California Beaches and the Ocean.

We also went down to the surf to see how cold the water was, it actually wasn't that bad, it kind of felt good. So we played in the sand and in the surf for a little bit. We were having a blast until....terror struck! My phone had dropped into the surf! My poor blackberry storm which I loved so much was now drenched in the Pacific Ocean and the California beach! There was no salvaging was gone forever, no longer working. :-( I was quite depressed.

Aside from my phone ending up in the sea, Mal and I had a blast. The first night of the conference was a recognition night and also a party. We got to mingle and get to know some other nutrition club owners and distributors and listen to their success stories. It was quite motivational.

The next two days were even more inspirational and motivational. The conference was just spectacular overall and I'm really glad we went.
I can't wait for next year's Extravaganza! And I've got myself a goal...President's Team by next year! Yeah Baby!